Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School outside


This is one is a photo of me and my to younger brother and sister.

We do not like school work.


  1. Hi Anna! I'm sorry you don't like school work but I am glad that you study hard anyway. When I was in school, sometimes I did not like school work, but sometimes I liked it very much. It was fun to learn new things so I could understand how things work. After I grew up, I found out that school work was one of the things that makes me so smart now ;-)

    Can you tell me which school work is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

    Has your favorite subject always been the same, or did you use to like a different subject the best?

    Can you ask Chris and Lydia which school work is their favorite and which is their least favorite?

    Aunt Bea says to tell you "Hola!"

    Te amos!

    U. Scott

  2. Hey!
    Yes I can
    My favorite is writing an my least favorite is grammar.
    My favorite subject is not going to change ever I hope.
    Chris's favorite is History and least favorite is reading.
    Lydia's favorite is Math and least favorite is reading.

    My mom and dad are going to let me take piano lessons with a lady at our church.One of my friends is also taking lessons with her.

    My new friends names are Brily,Mardeth,Parker,Elizabeth,Peyton,Lily,and my GA teachers name is Miss Hope as we call her love my sunday school class and my GA class so many people to love and Best friends play with.

    Love you both!

  3. I love the pictures of you and Chris and your Dad at soccer. Good luck tonight at your game.

    Granddaddy and I are going over to pick up Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea and going to a restaurant to have dinner with Granddaddy's Uncle Powell. He lives in Mt. Pleasant. I do not think you have ever met him. He is Granddaddy's daddy's brother.

    Tell your Mom thanks for the pictures---did you see them (ones made Sunday before we left)?

  4. Mom was shouting and making a lot of noise at the soccer field
    I called be for I looked on my blog u o you did not answer and now I know why.
    Have a good time.

  5. Guess where I have been today? I got a call to come in and teach a 5th grade class today. I am tired now! But they were an OK group. Thanks for the voice mail last night. Keep up the good practice and playing.

  6. Hey Grandma!
    Last night was the Rodeo at the rodeo mom was taking photos and Dad was busy so we got to stay at the rodeo but we got to stay with Miss Heather and at the end Miss Heather got me,Chris and Lydia cowboy and girl hats that last forever that is what Miss Heather said and I think so to.


  7. Wow! I am anxious to see the hats. Maybe Mom will make your pictures soon with the hats.

  8. Good Morning, Hope you have a very good day in school. When do you have another soccer game?

  9. Yesterday our oven broke so now we can not use the oven.
    We are waiting for the sears guy to come and fix it.
    Me and Chris have a soccer game tonight then we have one Sunday,
    Monday,Tuesday,and Thursday.
    Have a great day.

  10. Thanks for sending the address. We have a card ready to send him. Hope the festival is good tonight. Love you