Saturday, August 30, 2014


My BFF's are Abbey, Catherine, and Eryn. We are all home schooled so when the moms of our county got together about planning a homeschool group and started having field trips we meet up. Also all summer of 2014 Abbey, Catherine and I have been pen pals which means that we write letter to each other (if you know their address or find out.

Around the first week of September the homeschool group had a pool party and that is also when we got to all be together again,+ make the awsome video.  I also have a piture for you to see!

I am in staring at the camera and Abbey is in green, Catherine in grey, and Eryn in white!
Hope you enjoyed the video! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two different pets+ one more


Dancing pet how cute! So first it was Jack,then Abigale Lydia's cat. The next photo
is Mr. Darcy my rabbit, and Abigale, they hate each other and it turns out this time
the cat chickened out and the bunny was brave and stayed. If you want to learn
more about all 3 pet check them out at Thanks.