Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New little Jack


This is a picture of Anna,Jack,and Lydia(my little sister).
I find Jack very happy and full of energy in this picture do you think so to.
We are all smileing incloding Jackwith his tounge out at the camera.


  1. Yes! I think Jack is full of energy! It is a beautiful dog! Congratulations in getting him. We are very excited for you guys!
    Do you know how old Jack is?

  2. Thank you!
    We are so thankful that the pet store had what we were looking for.
    Jack is 5 mouths old if that is what you wanted to know.
    Say hey to my Uncle.Hey Aunt Bea.

  3. Glad to know you found everything you needed at the Pet Store. It was good to see you all on Sunday and it was good to meet Jack! He is adorable :)
    Uncle Scott sends all his love to you guys! I hope to see you soon!

    Aunt Bea

  4. We have loved to see you and now Jack is so good

  5. He really seems like a good dog!! I wish we had a dog but our house is very small and if we keep traveling around the world we can't take him with us. That would be so sad!! :(

  6. It would be sad but you can always drop the dog off a Grandma's +
    Granddaddy's they love Jack you just mit want to not get a big dog.

  7. Going to soocer in a rush