Saturday, September 29, 2012

My dog


This is my new dog.

 We have  not named him;can you help me and my family find a name?

 He is a male, is very jumpy, and loves to
play. He also loves people.


  1. Hi, Anna!

    I hope you are having fun with your new dog. Aunt Bea and I think a good name would be "Coconut."

    Uncle Scott

  2. Mom+Dad love the name"Coconut".
    So do I.Me and my family are loving the dog like he is a baby and he is only 5 months old.
    Maybe next time we are at Grandma's + Granddaddy's you can come over and see him in person that is great.
    Now in moms side of the family there is 3 dogs named Winny,Clifford,and Jack(our dogs name is Jack)