Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Coach


I am playing Soccer this year. And last night was practice I loved  it.
My dad is my coach and my friend is on the same team as me and her dad is me and her a coach ho helps my dad.
Our team is  called the Eagles.


  1. Anna! I am so glad you are learning how to play soccer. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Latin America. Enjoy it!
    Miss you :(

  2. Can hardly wait to see you and Chris play soccer! You have a good coach I know!

  3. Hi Anna! It is so great that you are playing soccer. I love watching soccer a is the most popular sport here in Germany. I am a big fan of the Women National Team from Germany and this year a friend and me had the chance to see them playing in the stadium twice because both matches were in towns which are placed in our state. It was so great! I always took a lot of pictures and also some little videos. I have not post about the last time but I will soon and Mom can tell you when it is at my blog so can watch it if you like.