Sunday, November 2, 2014

Windsor Park

Our trips are always awesome to go on and this one got really crazy.There is not much that I can say about it because the pictures really tell the story. I will not be able to tell all the  details like time and all, but I hope to show you most of the day. 
The donkey smiling at the camera 
Jack even made friends with most of the animals

We found some corn laying on the ground and decided to feed some to the goats 
Nate and Jack feeding the goats

We hope if you go that
you have as much fun
as we did.


  1. You have some adorable pictures! I know you have been busy with school, piano, and of course soccer. Do you have any more soccer games. We surely would love to see Christopher play Saturday but will not be able to make it.

  2. No I don't have anymore soccer games. I am going to sing in the churches Christmas choir and have a part in the biblical part in Jesus being born. Ahhhhh!

    + have to memorize 3 song for my piano recital And all the rest that i do around the house.

    1. Wow! You are one busy girl. But I am excited that you are getting to do all these things. Have a good trip Saturday and yell for Granddaddy and me.

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  4. Went to my first time playing piano with more than 1 person and it went over very quickly and very loudly.


  5. Hope everybody had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

    And don't forget MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  6. Enjoy your weekend! can't wait to see you.