Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 new blogs

I have 2 brothers and 1 little sister 1 of my bro's and my little sis started a  blog a few days ago and the would enjoy it if you would check out their blogs. Here is my brothers http://drawingsbychris.blogspot.com/
and here is my little sisters http://livingwithmypets.blogspot.com/ hope you like them.

We enjoy you reading our blogs.                           Thank You


  1. Thanks for the information on your brother and sister. You are a big help! In fact, you have helped me several times, haven't you! We go home tomorrow.

  2. Surely did enjoy seeing and talking to all of you last evening. Love you!

  3. LOVE!!!!!!!.........you to!

  4. Thank you for telling us about the new blogs. It's fun to read them all!

    We miss you!

  5. Granddaddy and I hope you are having a great week-end at the beach. Let us know how it was.

  6. Having a blog must be really exciting. You are doing a great job

  7. thank you every- body


  8. You guys do such a great job with you blogs! I can't even keep one up :/

    I got too many things to do here, I am very busy.

    I hope you are all doing great, miss you and love you.

    Aunt Bea ♥

  9. How is school going so far? I know all of you will do well and have a great year. Granddaddy and I went to Francis Beidler State Park today. We enjoyed the day but did not see much except cyprus trees and "knees" (tree roots) and turtles. We did see one alligator.

  10. Thanks for helping me Anna with the Craft Show this weekend. We didn't make too much money but it was fun selling the dresses and purses and we did get to show people the quilts. I loved it when you told them how you slept on the floor the whole time I was on my trip to Nepal. I think one day you will be on a mission trip too! Thanks for helping!

  11. You are welcome Grammieb I was glad to help?

    Have you yet figured out what and how many things we sold?

    maybe one day I could go with you to Nepal!!!

    Grandma, school is going great and we start 4-H on friday.
    Cool what did the alligator look like?
    I am soon going to post about our school grades!

    Aunt Bea, I miss you and Uncle Scott soooooooooooo much and can't what to see you soon!

    How is zumba going?
    Love All,

    1. Hi Anna, Zumba is really good here. I got a new position with Zumba in Thailand and I will be doing more of what I like to do :)
      We miss you too! Before going to Nepal you have to come to Thailand and visit us <3


      Aunt B