Friday, September 6, 2013

Listen to others

     In the fall the clever ants collect food for the winter. The grasshoppers did not work but played all

day. They did not listen to the clever ants who knew winter was coming soon.

     The grasshoppers declared "We have plenty of time to collect food for the winter"
      Winter surprised the grasshoppers with hard snow and heavy ice. The grasshoppers could not find any food in the land where they lived.
      The grasshoppers made the journey through the snow and ice to get to the ants,and asked them if they could share some food.

                            Here Is Some Questions For You To Answer

          Do the ants share some food with the hungry grasshoppers?

         Do the grasshoppers learn that it's important to be prepared for the winter?

        What is a good model for this story?


  1. Let's discuss the questions when I see you----great questions you asked! We're leaving! Love to all.

  2. The ants probably share some food. They know that sharing is clever too. But they make the grasshoppers work for it and the grasshoppers learn their lesson.

  3. Glad you had a nice trip---love you.

  4. Can hardly wait to see everyone!