Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sylvan Heights


Me and my family went to  Sylvan Heights Scotland Neck,NC

My favorite place was the new Landing Zone you should go and I will tell you will always have a blast. I know because those were my feet in the picture and the birds also are parakeets.

They also have birds from all over the World like Europe,North and South America, and Aulstalia and much more.


  1. Wow! what beautiful parakeets! Guess what Granddaddy found on our blinds by our kitchen table?

  2. How many of your toes were eaten by the birds? You know parakeets love to eat toes.

  3. What's the latest on the turtle eggs? Are they in your garden?

  4. Hey Uncle have not hear from you in a while!

    I came back home with all of my toes on my feet.