Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Rehab Center

Our home school group went to the rehab center and it was a reverse trick or treat.
We were all giving and not eating candy though some of the little ones did sneak some!
Very happy to see all the smiling kids and people.
Thank goodnes we had alot of kidos that where happy to see all the people.

 Every person had to see the  cute little skunk. 


  1. That was so nice of all of you to do this.

    We are on our way to see more Christmas lights in GA. Love you

  2. I hope you love the lights and when you come home tell me the most best thing(or light)that you think I would like.

  3. Two things were especially beautiful. One: they had the "12 Days of Christmas" song playing and had lights to match what the song was saying; for example "9 pipers piping," "8 maids milking," etc. Also, they had a whole forest with thousands of lights hanging from many trees. They said they used over 8 million lights on the tour.

  4. O my goodnes!
    I can not wait I sooooooo want see you and Grand again.
    I do think my favorite light would be the whole forest of thousand of lights.

  5. What did I say???????!!!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year to you and all your family.

  7. I am so sorry you too are sick. I hope you feel much better today. Love you.

  8. Hey.....

    I am feeling much better I still am a little sick.


  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013