Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ten thing about me

1.I am crazy sometimes.
2.My favorite colors are light purple, dark pink,and yellow.
3.I can run fast.
4.I love to cook.
5.I love it when my dad tells me a story or two.
6.I know the name of every planet.
7.I like meeting new friends.
8.I lost six teeth all  ready.
9.I am almost eight.
10.I like to play with my friends.


  1. Now I know lots more about you! Miss you!!!

  2. Did Nate have a nice time playing on his birthday? I have to take our car today to have oil changed. Tomorrow I have to sub in a 2nd grade class. Hello to all!!!

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  4. Say hello to granddaddy and if you can tell hello to greatgrandma and Great uncle Larry.
    have a good sub in the 2nd grade class.
    love you!
    we are going strawberry picking and playing at a park today.
    I am going too see my friend and play with baby's

  5. Good Morning to you and your sister and brothers. I have to take our red car to the shop today. Granddaddy is getting ready for work. Have you done any packing yet for your move? Not many days to that big birthday!!! Love you.